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Tierelier van Jacobs' Erf


Top quality Friesian Mare for sale by Adelprag Xanadu (Eelke vd Wiske Hoewe imp). This mare has size, movement and the most beautiful temperament. She is a bold mare with loads of confidence, easy going, and uncomplicated. She is registered with SA Studbook and SAEF.  

Sire: Van Adelprag Xanadu (Tsjerk 328 x Brandus 345)
Dam: Vlakfontein Therese (Imhoff Venus)
DOB: 15/03/2016
Height: 16.2-3 hh

Sold to Pepijn Steemers, Tanzania

Padmè van Jacobs' Erf


Gorgeous Friesian Filly!  This girl will make a stunning dressage horse for a young or small rider, and has the sweetest temperament.  Padmè has stunning elastic movement with great extension in her strides.  A very supple and relaxed horse! Padmè has very correct conformation with refined features and soft eyes. 

Sire: Finnigan VJE (Van Adelprag Xanadu)
Dam: Vlakfontein Baby (Welvaart Len)
DOB: 04/01/2019
Height: Still Growing

Sold to Yolanda Winfield, Limpopo

Pandora van Jacobs' Erf


Pandora is a baroque type Friesian with massive movement.  She is a very athletic Friesian with loads of ambition.  Pandora is recently backed but still green. She will make an excellent competition horse with her natural talent and a showy presence.  

Sire: Van Adelprag Xanadu
Dam: Vlakfontein Patsie
DOB: 01/03/2016
Height: 15.2hh

Sold to Pepijn Steemers, Tanzania

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